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Welcome to Feathered Cottage

Hi!  I'm Sandy Varelmann - designer and  linen obsessed owner of Feathered Cottage.  I created Feathered Cottage to share products that are special and that have a bit of a rustic-chic vibe - products like high quality Belgian Linen.


All the items offered in the collections here at FC are home goods that I do have or would love to have in my own home.  I think they are all amazing finds and I am eager to share these special products with you.

Back Story

I discovered the Libeco Belgian linen line on a 2013 buying trip to High Point Market. I was impressed by the outstanding quality of  Libeco linen; from bedding to rugs - Belgian linen is breathtaking, sumptuous, just “wrap yourself in it” fabulous! 

Back in the office after the trip I became obsessed with linen, reading everything I could find about this super textile.  In my design work I had always considered linen to be THE timeless, elegant fabric of choice.  What I discovered in doing my research is an impressive list of qualities that make linen beautiful AND sustainable.

Linen is made from a renewable, natural fiber from the flax plant.  These long staple fibers weave into a moisture absorbing fabric with quick drying properties, and the best part - the more you wash linen, the stronger it becomes.

I dove into the e-commerce world eager to share my new found passion for linen!   My initial idea of offering Belgian linen has now grown to include additional products that I believe create a perfect complement to our collection. Some of our products are handcrafted here in our studio while others are sourced from around the globe.

Barefoot Elegant

I am incorporating new products to our shop slowly and with intention – selecting items that are of quality, a little unusual, or as in the case of our Swedish Sea Salt Soap – just an outstanding product!


As a designer – I am a minimalist.  I’ve seen enough of the ___________ (fill in the blank) items that one finds everywhere. Trends. That’s not what you will find here at Feathered Cottage.  Here you will find beautiful pieces, some one of a kind finds, items that are long lasting, high quality, and loaded with an elegant, natural style.  Barefoot elegant comes to mind.


From luxurious Belgian linen to handcrafted pottery from Peru, our products are uniquely curated to present you with options for creating an inviting bedroom where you will snuggle into bed and say “ahhhh” or products for setting that perfectly stunning table that when you stand back, it just makes your heart skip a beat.


"We offer products that we want to have and use in our own home and in our everyday life - things that must be solid, useful, and beautiful."


The Challenge of an on-line store for people who like to touch everything = me and probably you

As a designer I am tuned into how things feel and look and smell - the whole experience of something, be it a piece of rustic wood, a nubby swatch of fabric, or a candle flickering with the smell of tuberose filling the air.  Photos of products and text are helpful but they can only convey so much. Please call or email and ask questions about anything!  I love to talk about our products and I am happy send samples where possible. 

 Thank you for visting with us!  Please drop us a line - we would love to hear from you!

All the best





"A structure must exhibit the three qualities of firmitas, utilitas, venustas – that is, it must be solid, useful, beautiful."

De architectura - Vetruvius



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