Timber Pillar Candles - New for Fall

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Timber Pillar Candles

Available in a variety of sizes and colors - new for fall

Send us a photo of your arrangement - we would love to feature your design style!!

These long burning Timber Pillar Candles by Vance Kitira are currently available in a variety of sizes and colors.

New colors for the Timber Pillar Candles are perfect for seasonal Fall and Holiday decorating. Mix and match sizes and colors for a unique candle display. 



Product Information

  • 2"x4" - 30 hours burn time
  • 3.25"x3" - 50 hours burn time
  • 4"x4" - 85 hours burn time
  • 3.25"x6" - 100 hours burn time
  • 3.25"x9" - 180 hours burn time
  • Unscented

Care must be taken while burning candles.  Never leave burning candle unattended or without fireproof holder.